ZEITWERK / "wheel of time" (2015)

video installation 8 min. loop exhibition HOME VARIATIONS 2017, Luther Church, Cologne

The video installation ZEITWERK (2017) consists of a video projection (DV: 8 minutes loop including audio collage assembled from annual fair music in waltz rhythm), a single video on flat screen, a small beside lamp and a Ferris wheel toy.

The overall image of the multi layered installation is composed out of a giant shadow projection from a little toy Ferris wheel in which a colorful video of a girl is projected, who is performing 120 cartwheels in front of the artworks of the Biennale di Venezia 2015 on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the Biennale. This was an intervention that seemed to be a planned performance for the visitors of the Biennale.

In the installation various directions as well as the sound collage determine a time rhythm: The Ferris wheel is turning right, the girl’s cartwheels turn left and the sound is played backwards. Moreover a wind turbine presented on a flat screen, turns like a motor, sometimes fast and then more slowly until it comes to a stop in order to change direction. ZEITWERK in a way explores the passage of time.

Videostills (click to watch Quicktime movie; documentation studio setup, Künsterdorf Schöppingen)

Meeting Point (2002)

3-channel videoinstallation

Video: Meeting Point

Fragment (1997)

film / slide - installation

triptych: two coulor slides, one black & white 16mm film


Mood Indigo (1997)

16mm film-installation

Walk around (1996)

Super8 film-installation

A picture in picture story

Boy in subway (1995)

Super8 film/video installation

Installation view: Super8 film projection and single video monitor ("picture in picture")

Hörspiel grün (1994/2000)

Interactive audioinstallation

The spectator on stage is listening to an narrative composed of analog, quadraphonic soundscapes.

In general my works address my interest in the position of the spectator, in relation to myself and to my artwork. An early example of this exploration is my audio installation titled Hörspiel grün (green radio-play, 1994). I put the spectator on a one-man stage, confined in a narrow space where he listens to a track consisting of a short, fragmented story, noises and music about contradictory situations like moving and standing still, or being a foreigner and a native. The spectator's processing of, and reactions to, these contradictions is the central part of the work.

Inside Out (1999)

Participatory audiovisual installation at Witte de Withstraat, Rotterdam

2x 16mm films & 7 single videos (loop) placed in windows, audiowork inside the gallery