0. (zeropoint) 2001

0. (zeropoint)

A time-line was the only clue the video artists and composers had during the performance, making the experience personal and unique for both the performers and the audience.

In the project 0. (zeropoint), Hoppe staged in cooperation with Arnoud Noordegraaf a performance featuring ten concert pianos, five composers (Arnoud Noordegraaf, David Dramm, Cor Fuhler, Yannis Kyriakides, Marko Ciciliani) and five video artists (Iris Hoppe, Nynke Deinema, Oliver Schwabe, Jean-Pierre Sens, Hermelinde Hergenhahn), surrounded by giant video screens in Paradiso, Amsterdam. Floorplan
The performance offered a spectacular “Gesamtkunstwerk” of images and music created by the interaction of video artists and musicians who reacted to the expressions of the each other in real time.

View from balcony, Paradiso, Amsterdam