Europealis - Meeting Point 2001

Europealis - Meeting Point

Seven speakers form a three-dimensional audio environment within a counterpoint of three video screens. Such is the setting of the videophonic soundscape Europealis - Meeting Point, staged at Auditorium, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

The co-composition leads you into an acoustic environment of european languages, live-generated electronic and acoustic sounds - surrounded by videosequences of daily encounters between people in various public spaces. The soundscape creates a multilayered field of possible comments on the cultural identities of the protagonists - while the video-installation offers several surfaces to project these comments .

The flow of sound and video is tuned to a mathematic transformation of the European degrees of latitude projected on a timeline. These time intervals form the framework of the whole setting. The individual works of the artists integrate into the chosen timestructure and become subordinate to the crossover collaboration, developing a non-linear three-dimensional environment.