Individual Borders 2003

Videoinstallation shown in the context of "[ve] 01 border counter" by Multiplicity at Utopia Station, Arsenale, Venice Biennale 2003

Individual Borders

Individual Borders developed in the context of [ve]01: border counter, a project that gathers together different experiences of border crossing along two pre-determined routes: Berlin - Venice / Jerusalem - Venice. Curated by Multiplicity and Officina Plug-in.

Excerpt from the participatory video Individual Borders, original 09:00 min., original sound.

Individual Borders, Utopia Station, Arsenale, Biennale di Venezia 2003.


Travelling by car along the trajectory between Berlin and Venice, I crossed various kinds of borders, both on peripheral and main roads between: Germany / Czech Republic, Czech Republic / Austria, Austria / Slovenia, Slovenia / Italy.

Along these borders, I approached people on the street and asked them to define their own personal border around themselves, while in front of the official one. I offered them a box full of different coloured chalk with which to draw their borders on the street.

Individual Borders is a participatory videowork and at the same time an intervention in public space. Most of the 40 participants instinctively defined their personal borders in a public space as tiny circle around themselves.