Logbook Sava 2009

Temporary intervention in public space / pedestrian ferry audio-installation "Logbook Sava" at Urbanfestival 09 in Zagreb

Logbook Sava

The temporary mobile audio installation was realized in context of (in)place of border, Urbanfestival09 in Zagreb, HR, curated by BLOK

At the spot where there used to be a ferry in the past that connected the two banks of the Sava, visitors were invited to cross the river with the audio installation Logbook Sava.

During her research stay in Zagreb, Hoppe noticed that there's just one pedestrian bridge crossing the Sava (“the magical border”). In order to encourage communication and exchange between residents of the old part of the city and New Zagreb, she decided to build a ferry that connects very different neighbourhoods. The in situ intervention aims at permanently contributing to the promotion of the community. While the passengers slowly and leisurely cross the river on the ferry, they are listening to a radio play made up of songs about the Sava and Zagreb as well as excerpts of interviews made during the research that contain wishes, fears and dreams of Zagreb’s inhabitants. During the journey the passengers are left to contemplate and can leave a note in the logbook at the end of the journey.