Zielübung / target practice 2019

Zielübung / target practice

Performative installation in public space shown on 2nd September 2018, in the water basin of Vorgebirgspark in Cologne during Vorgebirgspark Skulptur

Zielübung / target practice 2019, city hall park Göppingen, DE

Performative installation in public space shown on 28th of September 2019 during
"Unscharp", the 3rd Art Prize of the Evangelical Church in Württemberg in the water basin of city hall park in Göppingen, DE

Zielübung / target practice 2018, Vorgebirkspark Köln, DE

Two kayakers, sisters Carla and Jule from Paddel-Club-Köln, stay in balance for more than six hours without movement, focusing the geometrical axis of the park.

The installation includes audio that comes originaly from a meditation music for professional athletes which serves for self-optimization. The overall installation provides concious an absurdistically surreal image in the public park.

Catalogue Target practice (September 2018) [en]
Catalogue Target practice (September 2018) [de]