Zeitwerk / Wheel of Time 2017

Video installation

Zeitwerk / Wheel of Time

The video installation Zeitwerk consists of a projection, a small beside lamp and a Ferris wheel toy. Duration 8 min.loop.

The overall moving image is composed out of a giant shadow projection from a little toy Ferris wheel in which a colorful video of a girl is projected, who in occasion of the 120th anniversary of the Venice Biennale performs 120 cartwheels in front of the artworks. For the visitors of the Biennale in 2015 it seemed a scheduled performance.

The installation is accompanied by a collage of funfair music fragments. Various directions determine a time rhythm: The Ferris wheel is turning right, the girl’s cartwheels turn left and the sound is played backwards.


Solo show Grenzzirkel, 2020, Raum für Gäste (backyard), Aachen, DE